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2023 Circuit Preview


    • We love being able to find events that fit for all teams, developmental levels up to elite. Prep Girls hoops location selection is awesome and they are very well organized and reliable. Competition is great, we were specifically matched up with other teams from a talent perspective.

      Jacob Misener

      Iowa Prep

    • Our players loved the exposure and write-ups. We have great relationships with both scouts and sales reps. Great facilities. Phenomenal!

      Alex Richman

      TNBA Houston

    • Prep Girls Hoops sets the bar high compared to others event operators from a social media and coverage perspective. Really solid events, no other tournaments compare. No one does it better than Prep Girls Hoops.

      Chuck Cobbins

      Team Griffin

    • Events were pretty competitive and we were placed at the proper levels with similar talent. Social media and exposure was top notch as well. The girls walked away with great exposure!

      Desmond Walker

      MN Diamond Elite

    • Very well organized events. The coverage is unmatched.

      Quinton Wood

      Wood Elite